How To Use

The add-on can be used only for creating nice endpoints for marketing purpose or both - for the mentioned purpose as well as for letting customers save a product configuration, so they can easily return and order the chosen configuration.

Using for creating nice endpoints for marketing purpose

Such endpoints looks like:

"promo" part cannot be changed, it is as it is.

"your-nice-slug-here" is what you can choose

How to create a new endpoint

⚠️ Attention: creating endpoints is NOT possible in the builder mode! ⚠️

  1. Open single product page and choose those custom options/add values to custom options which you would like to "share" via your custom endpoint.
  2. Locate this link in the WP admin bar at the top of a single product page and click on it:

  1. You should be able to see similar modal window:

Now add a desired endpoint slug name and click "Save endpoint" button. Done! The modal window will close itself and you can use your new endpoint now - use it promo campaigns, email newsletters etc.

If you open the modal window again, you will see any created earlier endpoints for this product and you are able to remove any if they not needed anymore. This is how it looks like:

Just click on red "x" sign to remove the endpoint.

Using for letting customers to save a product configuration

Such endpoints will look like:<random alphanumeric string here>

"cfg" part cannot be changed, it is as it is.

"<random alphanumeric string>" is smth generating automatically, neither you nor customer cannot change this

How it works

... the content will be added soon...

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