Q: Where should I start looking for a clue if something seems not working?

A: The place number one is this documentation. There is a high chance that your particular issue is already answered here. Just try to find this answer. Even if it is not answered yet, looking through the documentation has its strong benefits of giving you new tips and tricks of using the plugin and increasing awareness about the new features we constantly add to the plugin.

Also the plugin shows warning messages for the most frequent misconfiguration cases. It is shown in the right upper corner of the page in the builder mode.

The third place where you should start digging in is the developer console of your browser. In order to open it press ctrl+option+k (MacOS) / ctrl+shift+k (Windows) if you are using FireFox or ctrl+option+i (MacOS) / ctrl+shift+i (Windows) if you are using Chrome. Maybe you will see a console log output with a text of the answer from the server or logged in JS error. Please, include such information in your support request. The example of log messages notifying about the plugin misconfiguration:

Q: I see some messages in yellow, but do not quite understand what do they mean. Could you clarify?

Sure! 😉 These are those notifications and their meaning:

  • No cart form found! Check WooCommerce hooks integration with your theme It means that the standard WooCommerce form for single product page with the class ".cart" is not found on the page. Sometimes it happens when the WC hook is overwritten by the theme or when you are using some page builder plugin and it does not output that form.

  • Too many cart forms found! Uni CPO works on single product page only! Looks like you are trying to output the product's form via shortcode on some page and even not from only product, but with several. Unfortunately, Uni CPO will not work in this case. Use it on the regular single product page.

  • Regular price is not set. Price is required (even "1" works)! Basically, you just forgot to set any price for the product and WC treats it like a free product. No form intended in this case!

  • It seems that price tag selector is wrong, please update! and/or It seems that image tag selector is wrong, please update! It means that your theme uses custom HTML markup/CSS classes for standard WC containers. Please, use custom selectore in this case. There is a better explanation of this problem on this page. Please, keep reading.

  • Also, sometimes you can just forget to enable CPO options for the product that's why you do not see them on the product page. It is easy to fix it - just enable the options - and we actually do not output any notifications in this case. 😁

Q: I need support. Where is the support request form?

You have several options:

  • You can ask for a question on wordpress.org forum. However, the usage of this tool is a bit limited by the rules of the administration and it is not so convenient place to receive support as well as to give you support (for instance, we cannot ask you for admin access there, but sometimes it is crucial to have it in order to resolve the issue).
  • You can fill in the request form in our Support Hub
  • You can contact us via the contact form located in the admin area of your site. You will find it under 'Contact Us' submenu item to plugin's settings menu item.

Q: I have a problem with displaying the price calculated. I see only regular price all the time instead of the calculated one. How can I fix this?

It is a quite common issue. The reason is your theme or theme page builder uses a custom HTML markup for the price tag - probably custom CSS classes. UniCPO works perfectly with the standard WooCommerce markup for this element, but obviously our plugin is not aware of actual CSS classes used by your theme. The fix for this is pretty easy - you just have to define your actual CSS selector for the price tag on the plugin's settings page. You may find it useful: Beginner Concepts: How CSS Selectors Work

Q: I have got an error, something about redeclaration issue (can be this: "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare uni_cpo_fail_php_version() (previously declared in..." or similar). How to fix it?

Such error means that you have already activated FREE version of the plugin and try to activate PRO version as well. _You cannot have both version activated at the same time! _So, the fix is simple: deactivate FREE version first (remove it as well, you do not need it anymore), activate PRO version then.

Q: I would like to translate texts of the plugin to my language. How to do that?

First, please, refer to this article to get a grasp on how to translate WordPress plugins. It describes how to do that by using PoEdit software.

Second, try to find translation file in languages folder within the plugin folder. If it exists - us it, add your translation there. Also, please send us the updated version, so we could include it in the next version of the plugin and you will not lose your translation. If it does not exist - create a new .po/.mo files and place them in wp-content/languages/plugins folder to apply your translation. We ask you to send this file to use as well, we would include it in the next version of the plugin.

Q: I cannot save an option with more than 85 suboptions. What I have to do?

You have to increase max_input_vars setting on your hosting/server. This will solve the problem.

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